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       Les E Nicholson DDS

             Family Dentistry

Dental Examination- is a thorough evaluation and recording of the extra-oral and intra-oral hard and soft tissues. This usually involves radiographs.

Dental Radiographs - also known as x-rays, are images taken of your teeth and surrounding boney structures to look for cavities and sign of disease. Our office uses digital radiographs, which uses up  to 90% less radiation than conventional radiographs.

Intra-Oral Camera - is a video camera that is used in your mouth to show you what your dentist or dental hygientist  see.


Vizilite TBlue Oral Caner Screenings - A simple and painless examination of the oral cavity that gives the best chance to find any oral abnormalities at the earliest possible stage. This screening is recommended for all adults on a yearly basis.

Cleanings - Removal of plaque, calculus and stains from the tooth structures. It is intended to control local irritational factors.

Fluoride treatments - utilize trays with fluoride for 1-4 minutes that strengthen your teeth after a dental cleaning. Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay.  It can also arrest and re-mineralize cavities that are isolated to the outer layer of the tooth, called enamel. Its main effect is on the smooth surfaces of teeth.

Bleaching Trays - are trays that are worn for periods of time that contain whitening products to improve the shade of your teeth.

Lumineers - are veneers that don't require cutting of healthy tooth structure and usually also don't require numbing in order to place.  Veneers are pieces of porcelain that are customized in a dental laboratory to fit your teeth and improve your smile.

Sealants - A white resin material that is applied to the biting surface of the back teeth to prevent cavities in the pits and fissures of these teeth.

Fillings - we offer 2 types of fillings, composite resin and amalgam.  Composite resin fillings match the shade or color of your tooth and bond to the tooth itself.  Amalgam fillings are the traditional fillings that have been around for more than 150 years and are silver in color.

Crowns - are like a cap that go over top of a tooth that strengthen your tooth that has damage from large areas of decay, multiple fillings over time, or trauma.

Bridges - are multiple crowns connected together that replace a missing tooth

Dentures - are "false teeth"

Partials - are false teeth that connect to teeth still present in the mouth

Root Canal Therapy - is a painless procedure that treats infection inside a tooth that allows you to keep your tooth

Periodontal Therapy - treats gum infections that can lead to loss of your teeth without  treatment

Extractions - is "removal of  a tooth" that are required for teeth that aren't savable